Yoxall Parish Council

Yoxall Parish Council


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Yoxall Parish Council serves the interests of the local community of over 2,400 residents. Areas of responsibility include:

- Providing information based on local knowledge to assist East Staffs Borough Council when making planning decisions.

- Maintenance/protection of open spaces which are owned by the Parish Council for the benefit of the local community.

- Grass cutting Parish land.

- Celebratory events.

- Attending to issues relating to the roads and pavements within the village boundaries.

- Maintenance of the Parish Hall, Notice Boards and bus shelters.

- Managing Yoxall's entry into the Best Kept Village competition.

- Preparation of annual accounts for distribution at the Annual Parish Meeting.  

Borough & County Councillors

Borough Councillor 

Laura Beech. Email: 

County Councillor
Julia Jessel Email: julia.jessel@staffordshire.gov.uk