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This section of the website is designed to inform parishioners of any issues/developments affecting the roads and pavements around Yoxall.


It is important that defects in roads, pavements and gullies are reported. The on-line system is easy to use. Go to https://staffordshire.gov.uk/web/reportfault

Due to the number of potholes that have appeared in the roads, in and around Yoxall during the winter, the Parish Council is to undertake an audit of the defects and thereafter send a report to staffs County Council. As a resident of Yoxall, your help would be appreciated in reporting such defects, on the email quoted above.

There are currently several stretches of road in the area which require attention. These are on the A515 between Newchurch and Yoxall and Bar Lane near Barton under Needwood.


Staffs Highways have completed the consultation regarding the introduction of waiting restrictions (Yellow Lines) at the above junction. Decision to be made shortly following local resident input. Thereafter, AMEY, the preferred contractor will undertake the work.  


A scheme is being considered to improve parking in Savey Lane. Staffs Highways have been asked to look at putting a hard surface in place of part of the "soft" area in the Lane. Funding however is extremely tight. Various options for funding are being considered.


Drainage repairs have been carried out on the verge area but contractors have identified that there is a broken section of pipe under the road. Further work is to be undertaken as soon as possible.


Community speed watch has now resumed with permanent warning signs erected on the main approaches to the village.



  • A515 Update.

HS2 and Yoxall.

We recently received an advice from Staffordshire C.C. That the turning bans in Yoxall and Kings Bromley are to be suspended for a period of 18 months from 28;June 2021. The suspensions are to allow HS2 contractors to access several compounds at and near Wood End Lane, Lichfield.

Having spent 4 years getting the bans implemented, we were extremely concerned that such action has been taken without consultation. Furthermore we had previously been given assurances that gravel lorries would not be passing through the village.

We attended a virtual meeting to discuss the matter and we were assured that the lorries will not pass through Yoxall. The designated route will be along the A38 and down Wood End Lane. The suspension only applies to HS2 contractors. The lorries will carry an HS2 sticker in the cab. Any contractor who does not follow the correct route should be reported to HS2 on Freephone 08081 434 434.

Kings Bromley will be affected with a number of tanker lorries passing through the village from the A515 and on to the A513 on the 16th June. They are grey in colour and easily recognised.

Furthermore, a planning application is to be heard on 15th July, submitted on behalf of CEMEX at Orgreave, to develop the site and extract gravel. If approved, it will have a major impact on Kings Bromley.


A38 road closures.

None are planned until the end of June when crash barriers are to be installed at Barton Turns. However Highways England have advised that they are looking into an alternative diversionary route on this occasion.

For information regarding A38 roadworks, go to https://a38roadworks.commonplace.is/about

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