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Roads & Pavements

This section of the website is designed to inform parishioners of any issues/developments affecting the roads and pavements around Yoxall.


It is important that defects in roads, pavements and gullies are reported. The on-line system is easy to use. Go to www.Staffordshire.gov.U.K. then type in Potholes in the search area. You will see Potholes overview. Then Report a pothole online.

As a resident of Yoxall, your help would be appreciated in reporting such defects, on the email quoted above.

There are currently several stretches of road in the area which require attention. These are on the A515 between Newchurch and Yoxall and Bar Lane near Barton under Needwood.


  • Staffs Highways have completed the consultation regarding the introduction of waiting restrictions (Yellow Lines) at the above junction. Double yellow lines have now been painted. St. Peter's School has been advised in order that parents are made aware.  


Savey Lane will be closed to all vehicles from 6th December (8.00 a.m.) to 10th December (5. p.m.) to allow gas works to be undertaken. The closure will start at 43 Savey Lane and continue towards the junction with the A515 for a distance of 85 metres.

Pedestrian access will still be permitted.

The closure notice has been applied for and secured by Staffordshire C.C. 


Community speed watch has resumed with permanent warning signs erected on the main approaches to the village. The average number of vehicles passing through the village during the periods of observations was 400 per hour, considerably higher than the number seen in March of 275 vehicles per hour. The easing of COVID restrictions has contributed.

If drivers are clearly exceeding the speed limit, or using mobile phones, details are take and the incident is then advised by the CSW team to Police headquarters. If details correspond d correctly, drivers may be issued with letters advising them of the observation.

During June, c7.5% of drivers passing through the village significantly exceeded the 30 mph limit. C20% of those drivers were in excess of 40 mph with the highest recorded at 49 mph. As far as HGV’s are concerned, the vast majority are passing through at about 30 mph.




A515 Update.

We are concerned about the number of motorists speeding through the village, particularly at school times, along Sudbury Road and Main Street. Whilst a mobile speed camera is occasionally positioned at Bond End, we feel that the protection afforded is inadequate. Letters have now been sent to the local County Councillors, Staffs Highways and the police advising them of our concerns. 

A38 road closures.

No road closures have been advised for the coming week commencing 22nd November save for the road underneath Toyota island and where traffic will be diverted up and down the slip roads. This will occur from 8.00 pm to 5.00 a.m.

We have also been advised by Highways England that there will be further overnight closures on the A38 between Claymills and the Toyota Island from November 29that 8.00 pm to 5.00 am until 3rd December.20th 

Due to the relatively short stretch of road that will be closed the diversionary route on this occasion will take traffic from the A38 along the A5121 towards Burt and then left at the A5189 turning towards Needwood and on to Draycott in the Clay. After passing through Draycott the diversionary route turns right at the Sudbury island and heads back to the A38 re-joining at Mercia Marina.

Having made progress in recent weeks regarding the use of an alternative route along the M42, A42 and A50 we are disappointed however at the use of local roads to divert traffic. We fear that traffic using the A515 through Draycott will simply carry on through Yoxall. If that is the case we will be making our feelings known.

For information regarding A38 roadworks, go to https://a38roadworks.commonplace.is/about

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