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This section of the website is designed to inform parishioners of any issues/developments affecting the roads and pavements around Yoxall.



YOXALL COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH OPERATIONAL - provides a deterrent to motorists speeding through the village. Speed watch is about awareness which will make our village safer.

Yoxall has joined a County wide speed awareness campaign. If you have any queries, please approach the teams. If you are interested in joining the Community Speed Watch team, just ask one of the team members, who are clearly recognisable by their designated yellow, high visibility jackets.

Alternatively, you can call 0300 111 8000 to talk to an advisor for all the above topics or report defects via the MyStaffs App (available from Google Play and App Store).

Repair of pavements in Yoxall to be given priority.

Staffordshire C.C. has allocated £20,000 for repairs to pavements in the village. Repairs have already been carried out in Churchfields, Hollys, Ferrers and Raven Roads.

It is important that defects in roads, pavements and gullies are reported. The on-line system is easy to use. Go to https://staffordshire.gov.uk/web/reportfault




Draft stats were recently received from Staffs Highways re. HCV reductions through Yoxall. Night time reductions are significant at 64% but daytime reductions fell by a modest 24%, far short of what we were lead to believe would be achieved. That said, the stats did not differentiate between the type of HCV and was carried out during the harvest period with many agricultural vehicles included together local company vehicles going about their normal business. The position was somewhat distorted.

We therefore asked Staffs Highways to strip out the number of high-sided vehicles from the total, which provides a more meaningful picture.

Total of all HCV's passing through Yoxall following implementation of the turning bans - between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. = 323.

Total of high-sided/articulated vehicles during the same period = 102.

The key aim of the turning bans is to reduce the number of high-sided HCV’s. We do not wish hamper local farmers and companies going about their business.

We continue to target regular offenders who continue to disregard the turning bans. These include container lorries delivering to Marchington Ind. Estate. Details of offences continue to be provided to Staffs Police.

JCB which has a distribution facility at Marchington have agreed to re-route container and other HCV traffic away from Yoxall and Kings Bromley, meaning a daily reduction of c20 HCV’s. Kuene and Angel have agreed to do the same.

Whilst a lack of a police presence in Kings Bromley and at Wood End Lane has not helped, a police day of action was undertaken in December. We were amazed to learn that only one HCV driver ignored the turning ban at Kings Bromley and was duly prosecuted.

In association with Kings Bromley P.C. we recently monitored the A515/513 junction from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m and recorded a total of 44 offenders. Details have been passed to the police.

We continue to maintain pressure on Staffs Highways for a more robust traffic island at Alexandra Drive.

An application has been made for funding for the provision of early warning signs re. the turning bans on the approach to Draycott in the Clay and on the A38. 

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