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Yoxall Parish Council



The Parish Council is a "consultee" or is consulted  on all planning applications and uses the adopted YOXALL NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN as a guide when advising ESBC (East staffs Borough Council) on planning and development proposals which are received for Yoxall. The main settlement area of the village lies within a Conservation Area which affords further protection when considering new proposals. 

To view the Weekily List of Planning Applications, go to www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/planning

Click on the Weekly List of Planning Applications at the bottom of the page then view recent Weekly Lists.

Villagers with queries regarding planning matters can either contact Parish Councillor, Bob Keys for advice or Councillor Laura Beech, our District Councillor at ESBC.

Government's new Planning reforms. Under the latest reforms, a proposal has been included whereby Local Councils in rural areas can designate protected areas which has considerable implications for villages like Yoxall in order to protect the village from major developments. Consequently we will be lobbying for inclusion within a protected area category.

ESBC have issued a consultation on a new policy covering developments outside of settlement areas which gives more weight to accurately meeting local housing needs. We hope that the policy is eventually adopted.



ESBC has suspended its pre. application advisory service for private property applications and only large scale applications can apply for pre. application advice. Applicants are being directed to ESBC's planning website which has details of the Government's Planning Portal website which gives useful guidance on planning applications.

Applicants can also use a local planning consultant to advise them though a cost would be involved.


Material considerations when planning applications are considered.


1. Design and visual impact.

2. Overlooking/privacy/light.

3. Noise, smell, pollution.

4. Access, traffic, road safety, parking.

5. Health/health and safety.

6. Ecology, landscape.

7. Crime and fear of.

8. Economic impact.

9. Planning history/related decisions.

10. Cumulative impact.

11. Financial viability.

12. Heritage impact.


1. The applicant.

2. Land ownership.

3. Private rights, e.g access.

4. Restrictive covenants/private rights.

5. Property value.

6. Competition.

7. Loss of view.

8. “Moral” issues.

9. Numbers of presentations.

10. Change from previous scheme.

11. Building regulations or licensing issues.

12. The need.

13. Fears that the scheme will change in the future.


EAST STAFFS BOROUGH COUNCIL has invited submissions for suitable sites for consideration for development which meet certain economic or specific housing requirements, e.g. affordable housing. This process informs the Local Plan River review for the Borough though it must be noted that ESBC has more than met its housing supply targets as set by the Government.



The Yoxall Neighbourhood Plan

Yoxall's Neighbourhood Plan was approved by East Staffs Borough Council in 2015. The area covered by the Plan comprises Yoxall Parish which includes Newchurch, Scotch Hills, Morrey and Hadley End as well as the central area of the village. The Plan is due to be reviewed before 2025.


Severn Trent (Pumping Stations). Sich Lane.  Works are ongoing. Screening of the pumping station to be undertaken.


Latest Planning news for Yoxall

Current Planning Applications/Approvals/Rejections.

May 26, 2022