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Health Centre News

Oct 17, 2021

Latest news from our local Health Centre

A recent meeting was held at the Health Centre to discuss a number of issues and over 100 people attended.

There have been a number of changes recently and an extra member of staff has been employed in the dispensary. There is also a new receptionist.

Dr. Gunn is off on long term sickness and unfortunately the Centre has only been able to secure a locum GP for 1 day per week. Dr. Kaul is a partner GP and Dr. Osman is a salaried GP, part time.

Communication has improved but due to GP shortages, access to GP's is still an issue.

Further issues surround telephone response times and call backs but there has been some improvement and also an improvement in the attitude of some staff.

Whilst further work needs to be done, the improvements seen to date are welcome.