Yoxall Parish Council

Yoxall Parish Council


Current Planning Applications/Approvals/Rejections.

May 26, 2022

Latest Planning Applications/Approvals/Rejections.

Applications awaiting approval.

P2022/00061. side and front extension to a semi-detached property at 44, Hadley Street. No objections made.

P2021/1621. Southview, Victoria Street. Demolition of an outbuilding to facilitate the construction of a attached dwelling. Concerns raised by residents have been forwarded to the Planning Officer concerned.

P/2022/00351. Littlecroft, Lucepool Lane, Yoxall. Erection of rear extension, front porch and car port. No objections.

P/2022/00262. Red Bank Farm, Maker Lane, Yoxall. rear extension to Barn 1.

P/2022/00298. Savey Lane, Yoxall. Conversion of an integral garage to residential accommodation and erection of replacement garage.

P/2022/00409. The Old Coach House, Main street, Yoxall. Measures to prevent flooding at front and rear doors. Applicant is supported by expert advice in minimising flood damage. No objection.



Application withdrawn/declined.


Applications approved.