Yoxall Parish Council

Yoxall Parish Council


Current Planning Applications/Approvals/Rejections.

Dec 22, 2020

Latest Planning Applications/Approvals/Rejections.

Applications awaiting approval.

Farm House, yard and buildings in Hadley Street. 5 dwellings in the Farm Yard of which 2 are proposed as new build; 2 barn conversions and one to extend an existing building. The Farm House is not included in this application.

Update: The farmyard has been sold to a Derbyshire house builder but the farm house remains unsold. Work is expected to start shortly on the barn conversions and new build.

Application 00899, Dunstall lane. Conversion of egg unit at Woodland Farm, Dunstall to 8 G8 general storage units. Concerns have been raised by local residents and the Parish Council regarding potential increase in commercial vehicles using the lane. Discussions continuing. No decision made thus far. A decision is awaited on this application.

Application 2021/00077. Longcroft Farm. Change of use for a barn to G8 general storage unit. Application withdrawn pending further information.

Application 2019/01517. Cartref, Main Street, Yoxall, DE13 8NQ. Application for the erection of two detached dwellings on the site. Discussions ongoing between the applicant and ESBC Planning.

Bond End. A site meeting was held towards the end of last year, with agents for the landowner, re. use of the site for building purposes. A range of affordable homes and retirement homes are being looked at. The agents have held a zoom meeting with the planners and we are awaiting the outcome. The site in question is not within the village settlement area.

2021/00252. Prior approval sought for the conversion of a vacant barn in Morrey Lane to a dwelling. The applicants are effectively seeking a change of use with design being a critical factor in achieving permission. Overall footprint and existing shape to remain.

2020/000382. Yoxo Meadows. Construction of hard standing drive or pathways to allow vehicles to enter the site.

2020/01478. Redbank Farm. Erection of 2 dwellings including detached garage and storm porch.


Applications approved.

2020/01480. Erection of stable block at the Garden House, Longcroft.

2020/01455. Extension at Byron House, Weaverlake.

2020/01465. Extension at Fox Hole Barn, Scotch Hills Rd.

2021/00132. Stde extension at Wesverslake Farmhouse, Hadley Street.