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Yoxall Parish Council


Yoxall Riverside Regeneration

Dec 12, 2019

Yoxall Parish Council has embarked on a major environmental project to regenerate Goose Green and Swarbourn Meadow. It is being fronted by Parish Councillor Diana Muir. The Parish Council owns and manages Goose Green and Swarbourn Meadow for villagers to enjoy. 

The aim is to improve these areas for the village and provide a more user friendly facility that all local people may enjoy, particularly the elderly and very young.

St. Peters School will benefit as we plan to have a dedicated Woodland School area near the centre of Goose Green. Yoxall Guides and Scouts have also welcomed the opportunity to use the Green once more.

The National Forest, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and The Woodland Trust have all given support to the project.

A drainage scheme  to overcome the water-logging has been completed. This was a significant and necessary first step in the development as a more usable area.
A well constructed path will be laid around the area with places to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings. It will be wheelchair and pushchair friendly.
Tree planting has already taken place. New benches will be provided together with a community orchard to encourage more wild life.
Improved screening for the adjacent houses and to encourage more biodiversity.
Provision of an outdoor education area for young people to enjoy learning about their environment.
It will be a significant achievement to bring some life back to this area which is in heart of the community.



The pathway which was to be installed in November, has been delayed for several reasons:

Temporary withdrawal of grant funding. However, the P.C. has now applied to the Severn Trent Community Fund and the application has passed the first stage . Yoxall qualifies for this type of funding and an application has been submitted for a substantial sum to replace the ERDF monies. 
Due to the recent inclement weather, the fields are too wet to install the path at the moment and it will now be put down in Spring 2020 after further examination of the Green following the recent floods. At the same time, the pond will also be cleaned.
300 trees provided by the Woodland Trust which were planted with the help of local volunteers. All are doing well and the area around the trees will be trimmed shortly.

Yoxall Camera Club are recording the various stages of the work, so we hope to publish some visual updates in the coming months.

We are delighted with the progress made to date with this ambitious project. Diana is still looking for local residents with the necessary skills and availability to help her in the coming months. Diana’s contact details can be found under the section `”Your Council” of the website.

£7.5k grant from the Neighbourhood Fund.