Yoxall Parish Council

Yoxall Parish Council


Ferrers Field Development Group.

Nov 3, 2023

Ongoing Development of Ferrers Field.

Ferrers Field Development Group was formed to carry on there development of the field following excellent work by Yoxall Parish Council and provision of a substantial amount of play equipment.

The Group is aiming to undertake a project which will provide further play provision, enhance the main play area and provide accessible paths.

Completion of phase 1 is aimed to provide for children and families who have mobility and accessibility requirements and to include pre-school children aged 0-4.

Children and young people from the village were surveyed in 2021 and the main requests included:

- Access to a "hang out" space (a suitable seating area).

- Somewhere they could ride bikes, scooters and use skateboards.

- Somewhere to climb.

- Provision of equipment for their age.

2023 Phase 1 of the Plan.

- Three paths that join, encircle the play area.

- Designed for buggies, scooters, bikes, roller skates and wheelchairs.

- A loop design which joins a number of specific areas and which allows families to walk and play.

Funding proposals.

A successful application to ESBC has generated £16,000. A further £5,000 grant has been provided by British Gypsum. A further £5,000 is being sought to enable work to commence.

Further updates.

To be provided as the project develops.